Friday, August 7, 2020


Today Dani is doing her stand-up act sitting down.  I guess that makes it a sit-down act, actually.  Maybe she'll get a sitcom gig out of this after all!

Purrhaps Dani's been into the booze a little more than usual these days.  Of course that can be a boon to comedy at times.  It even looks like she has some very special followers.

The best comedy is enhanced with a little whine.

"Dis drink is too bittah." says Mouse 1.

"Sour grapes!" says Mouse 2.

Let's just hope they don't need any mouse-to-mouse resuscitation after this ...

... or anything else pawtentially CATastrophic! 


Sandee said...

Love the funnies. Dani is a pretty girl.

Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

Brian's Home Blog said...

Bravo Dani, your a natural gigglemaster!

My Tata's Cottage said...

Oh you would make a great comic! Love the humor and photos too! Enjoy your weekend.
My posts have been here: this week and blogger is driving me batty! HUGS across the miles XO