Friday, September 15, 2017


Here's Dani in her second dress of the week!  I have to take pictures more frequently now that she's growing so fast.  However, this particular dress was always too large for Domino so it fits Dani purrfectly.  Nice 'n comfy!

The dress is made from fine wale purple corduroy and it has little flutter sleeves and a pleated skirt with bows at the hip.

Dani thought this dress was a little plain so she has oomphed it up with her accessories.

Her hat is a purple fascinator with bright fuschia and pink feathers wound into circles.  Her purrse is also quite bold in a multicolour floral print which is quite complementary (as well as complimentary as it seems to inspire a number a compliments).

Around her neck she is wearing a long silver chain with owl pendant studded with purple and blue gems.
 Her bracelet is silver with purple sparkly stones.

And here is the back of the dress which has a white crystal rose near the neck.  Dani really took a 'shine' to it when she saw that!

This shot also illustrates how tall and still slender Dani is.  She has yet to grow into those long legs of hers.

Unlike a butterfly, Dani's still in metamorphosis.  She's just as pretty as one already, though.

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Brian's Home Blog said...

You are an amazing model pretty Dani!