Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Dani is on watch in her neighPURRhood for anything nefarious.

And boy did she get an eyeful!  If that rogue squirrel thought he was going to get away with the goods, he must be nuts.

"Who duz dis punk fink he is anyway?" asks Dani.

Geez, those anarchists are efurrywhere these days!  We'll need more than just the neighPURRhood Watch to take care of it, methinks.  This calls for ...

At your service.


Sandee said...

We all know that squirrels are evil. Yes they are.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

Lola The Rescued Cat said...

We bet your the best dressed neighPURRhood watcher!

Marvelous Marv said...

Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!! We LOVE the squirrels and YOU ARE STUNNING! You go get him grrl! Have a wonderfully happy day!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Looking good hoodie Dani!