Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Dani's lying peacefully on the foyer rug.

 When she sees the camera she asks: "So wot duz yoo wont me ta doo? Huh?"

Dani likes having her picture taken but she's not so fond of the flash. It irritates her.

 "Yoo wanna see sumfin, I'll show yoo sumfin!"  says Dani petulantly, averting her eyes.

Visibly squinting, she offers a challenge knowing a mere human would find it imPAWSible.  
 "Now yoo tries it.  I dares yoo." 

 After that if you're feline even more daring, you might want to follow Dani upstairs to the bedroom.

I've always suspected she might be a Feline Flasher.
Cheeky girl!

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