Friday, April 20, 2018


A hat trick is when you score three times in a row, and Dani has certainly scored here with these three fabulous Spring fascinators!

The first is a pale lilac fascinator with white 'wings' and a pink beaded embellishment on top.  She is wearing a coordinating gold necklace with lilac-and-pink-flowered pendant.  Her pale lilac leather purrse is made by Dior.

The second is a rose, is a rose, is a pink rose-banded fascinator paired with a silver chain necklace studded with pale pink floral charms.  Dani's choice of purrse this time is a pink leather Cartier with both handles and a shoulder strap.

The third is a pale blue fascinator adorned with even paler blue ribbon arranged in soft folds.  Her silver necklace with pale blue pearl pendant is the purrfect appurtenance.  This time Dani has selected a light blue silk handbag with solid shiny fabric on top and subtle striping on the bottom.

It seems Dani is hatted up and ready for any special Spring occasion.  Getting invitations for them will be the real 'trick'!

"I'll just hasta wing it!" says she.

Well, that should save on airfare at least.

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