Thursday, February 1, 2018


Dani just turned one year old so I took some head shots to record this moment in time.  Dani now weighs 14 lbs. though she still isn't fully mature.  Maine Coons can grow for a few more years.

 At one year, Dani is very confident with herself.

 Dani has a pawsitive cattitude.  
"Fings is lookin' up!" says she.

Dani can also be quite introspective.
"Lookin' inside yoorself helps yoo to mature."

After doing just that, Dani feels she truly likes herself. 

Quite wisely she says:
"I'm still growin' on da outside and on da inside.  Wen yoor one, it's not done."


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Summer at said...

Dani, you are growing at just the right amount! You Maine Coon kitties are awesomely big!